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  • CrewCommWifi ensures data, bandwidth and cost control of the crew Internet access together with remotely configured firewalls, network management for business and operations.

    For the crews it provides an Internet hotspot that can be accessed on all devices including a range of added-value features that no other Maritime Satcom systems offer.

    Ship owners can through a on-shore web interface configure the vessels with an individual range of value added services, an IT-secure environment including messages and attachments size control, data and time usage limits, bandwidth management, content filtering, firewall settings, port forwarding for remote access, separate business and operation LAN, satellite transmissions cost control and access online statistics of the crew communication usage

    Crew Features

    1. Internet access on the crew's own devices, enabling crew to use the apps they have installed on their smartphones, tablets, PC's or laptops within the allowances set forth by the ship owners
    2. Access on crew devices to vessel media such as company training videos, music and movies that's made available by the captain
    3. Low data text chat with interface to Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Skype and Twitter networks. Chat for 5 hours for less than 1mb
    4. Video & voice chat optimized for satellite transmissions trough the Se@MeNow messenger app
    1. Se@MeNow social networking portal where the crew can stay in touch with their loved ones through social walls, chat, share photos, play online games, follow their favorite sports events and shop online with world-wide delivery
    2. Personal E-mail accounts following the crew from vessel to vessel and web access while on the shore
    3. Send and receive SMS messages world-wide with local reply numbers in thePhilippines
    4. World-News delivered daily in 14 multilingual editions
    5. Announcement board for company news and e-learning

    Ship Owner Features

    1. Web based administration portal where the ship owners can configure fleet and vessels settings for IT security, usage & cost control
    2. Range of features covering crew communication, firewall and remote firewall management, business and operations
    3. Multiple options for crew Internet access pre-paid data string generator
    4. Online usage statistics from each vessel and crew member
    5. Web-based announcement board for sending company news and information to the crew while on the vessels or on the shore
    6. Upload of e-learning, multimedia files, licensed music and movies to be made available for the crew on the vessel Wifi network
    7. One contact point to the crew, independent of which vessel they are located and while they are on the shore


  • With CrewCommCenter on board, seafarers can stay in touch with family and friends without interfering with the ship's official business mail.

    CrewCommCenter offers a complete set of features as an onboard internet Cafe, but where the ship owner can ensure a full IT secured environment with data and time limits, bandwidth control and satellite transmission cost control.

    1. Unlimited or pre-paid E-mail & SMS messaging world-wide
    2. Individual and private E-mail & SMS mailboxes that follows crew from vessel to vessel
    3. Web-mail access while on shore IMEC and ITF compliant Support of all international languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Russian and Arabic
    1. Online chat with Facebook, Google, AIM & Yahoo. Chat for 5 hours for less than 1MB. Text based only chat client that blocks all graphics, themes, icons, file sharing and video/sound streaming
    2. Optimized Web browser, web sites are compressed up to 70% of its original sizes, with flash, video and audio streaming block as option, bandwidth settings, configurable data and time usage limits
    3. Global news feature with International and national news provided daily to the crew accounts 15 multilingual editions
    4. Announcement board that enables ship managers to send internal corporate bulletins to their crew members of sea and while on shore
    5. Local Philippines SMS Gateways loved ones on shore can send SMS text messages to the seafarers on the vessels world-wide for local rates


  • Se@MeNow is a social networking portal for seafarers where the crews can stay in touch with their loved ones through live video,voice, messaging, photo sharing and social walls.

    The crews can blog,share photos, play online games , follow their favorite sports events and shop online with world-wide delivery.

  • Se@MeNow is also used as web-mail service for the CrewCommCenter that seafarers use to access their accounts while on shore or on vessels without the CrewCommCenter installed.

    Se@MeNow includes a video chat feature with images & voice, optimized for satellite transmissions.