Simplified crew communications and vessel network administration

Complete solutions working with Fleet One, Fleet Broadband, Fleet Xpress and V-Sat

Perfectly fitted for Internet entry vessels with limited data allowances

Complete solutions for maritime and enterprise

Universal Communication Systems

SMSGlobal offer end-to-end maritime and enterprise communication solutions for leisure, fishing, merchant and passenger vessels, oil rigs and basecamps/remote lodges.

Our services are covering the needs from entry-level, low-data and low-bandwidth packages, up to high-data and high-bandwidth packages.

SMSGlobal's solutions provide simplified vessel network management that serves the business purpose and a range of crew connectivity features that bridge the distance with home.

All features are remotely managed from onshore web portals, centralizing the IT management fleet-wide.


  • CrewCommWifi

    CrewCommWifi is a router, Wi-Fi access point, firewall, captive portal and a proxy server – all in one unit.

    For the crews it provides an Internet hotspot that can be accessed on all devices including a range of added-value features that no other Maritime Satcom systems offer.

    Restrictions to control data usage and limit consumption within the vessel’s prescribed package, selection of which IM networks to be granted access, media filtering, and block unwanted data traffic such as application and OS updates, DNS calls, etc. can all be set.

  • Se@MeNow

    Se@MeNow is SMSGlobal’s social network for seafarers where the crews can stay in touch with their loved ones from the vessels with live video, voice, messaging, photo sharing and social walls.

    The crews can access their private vessel accounts onshore to send and receive E-mails.

    Online games, sports events and online shopping with world-wide delivery is as well included as a part of its Ecommerce platform which is specially catered for Seafarers and their families.

  • CrewCommCenter

    CrewCommCenter is being used on 3,000 + vessels by 120,000 seafarers making it one of the most popular crew communication systems in the maritime industry. The system interfaces with the vessel E-mail system and is a perfect for low-data satellite packages.

    Portable and private accounts are provided for each crew, which they could use on any vessel equipped with the system. The individual accounts enable the crew to send and receive E-mails and SMS, read Company’s or Captain’s announcements, read the latest International News. Crew access may be through prepaid PINS or free-to-use allowances.

  • Optimizer Voice

    Optimizer Voice combines a powerful satellite data router with voice capabilities. It is ideal for vessels needing a single network that runs voice, email, weather, chat and more.

    Manage your usage, protect against accidental airtime usage, accelerate your data speeds, enable compression for email and web browsing, tracking your location via GPS, and use SMSGlobal CrewCommCenter.

    New shoreside portal allows for easy fleet management.

  • Optimizer Premier

    Optimizer Premier combines a powerful satellite data router with a VoIP gateway, offering a flexible, elegant solution for onboard multi-user environments. With a multi-WAN functionality and full failover capabilities between networks, Optimizer Premier is the true hub for all your onboard networks:

    1. Satellite Systems (up to 2)
    2. Wi-Fi Extender
    3. GSM

    Free services include routing, filtering, firewall, PBX and NMEA GPS repeating. Premium low-data services include VoIP, email, web compression and SMSGlobal CrewCommCenter crew services.

  • Optimizer Enterprise

    Optimizer Enterprise is the all-in-one solution for VoIP and Data services on vessels of any size. Or, integrate Optimizer Enterprise with your existing network as the central hub for crew welfare, business operations and VoIP services.

    Optimizer Enterprise lets you provide crew access, increase operational efficiency, optimize data and manage your network.

    With Optimizer Enterprise, you’ll save money on airtime, increase operational efficiency through better communications, and be able to monetize airtime by providing services to passengers and crew.


November 15, 2017

SMSGlobal & RedPort launches RedPort’s Optimizer routers integrated with SMSGlobals CrewCommCenter during Inmarsat Global Conference in Lisbon, Portugal

Inmarsat Global Conference concluded on 8 November, leaving more than 1,000 delegates with valuable insights on the future of the Satcom industry as a whole.

Click here to download the brochure covering the products and services RedPort and SMSGlobal in collaboration are offering.

September 14, 2017

SMSGlobal signs reseller agreement with SynerSAT in Singapore.

SMSGlobal is glad to have signed a direct reseller agreement with SynerSAT, SMSGlobal and SynerSat will work hand-in-hand to introduce SMSGlobals flagship product CrewCommWifi to the Asian markets. SynerSAT is a Satellite communications service provider in Singapore and Korea. The company is a reseller of Inmarsat’...

October 10, 2017

Inmarsat launches CrewCommWifi as Certified Application Provider solution

We are proud to have CrewCommWifi launched by Inmarsat as it’s certified solution for Fleet Xpress.

Inmarsat partners with third-party companies to develop applications and solutions that are compatible with their satellite communications networks. Through a certification process tailor-made communications solutions that bring genuine business benefits for customers are selected. For more information about CrewCommWifi read more ...

August 17, 2017

Meet us at the Inmarsat Asia Pacific Conference in Lisbon, Portugal 6 - 8 November, 2017

We are looking forward to present the range of new routers compatible with the SMSGlobals solutions.

Contact us for a live product presentation For more information;