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About Us

Seafarers spend on an average 20 days each month in the middle of a vast ocean. Personal communication with anyone back home at any given time at an affordable cost has been and still is a challenge.

SMSGlobal understands that a serious concern for anyone working at sea is bridging the distance with their families.

The advantages for ship owners to use SMSGlobals systems are to ensure data, bandwidth, applications and cost control while offering their crews contact with their family and loved ones on shore. Through a suite of features the crews have options to Internet, private E-mail & SMS, Information and entertainment services.

For the vessel business and operations management our solutions offer remotely configurable firewalls and network management for business and operation applications.

SMSGlobal has established offices in Hong Kong & the Philippines and have secured solid distribution agreements with some of the biggest and most reliable maritime industry service providers: Inmarsat, RedPort, GT Maritime, Satcom Global, J-Sat Mobile, Beijing Marine, Station Satcom, SeaSecure and SMTS PTE.


SMSGlobal introduced in 2003 the first universal 2-way SMS text messaging and crew E-mail service for seafarers. The system was endorsed by Inmarsat Maritime.

SMSGlobal launched in 2010 optimized & IT secure web browsing, low-data-chat connected with Facebook, Yahoo, Google and AIM, World-News delivered 7 days a week in multilingual editions, Announcement boards, crew E-mail & crew SMS with unlimited sending and receiving of messages world-wide.

In January 2014 Se@MeNow was launched, a maritime social networking portal where seafarers and their loved ones can chat online with video, text and voice, E-mail, share photos, play games, shop with world-wide delivery and follow their favorite sports events.

In December 2015 CrewCommWifi was launched. The WI-FI router based firmware ensures ship owners cost, data and bandwidth control of the crews Internet access together with remotely configurable firewall and network operation of the vessel business applications.

SMSGlobal signed in 2016 a collaboration agreement with RedPort to develop a new range of routers and enterprise solutions to offer all aspects of vessel communication features. The solutions include features covering crew communications, business E-mail, firewalls, remote network management, vessel positioning, switch between satcom inputs, load balancing + much more.

Distribution Partners


Inmarsat is the leading maritime satellite network provider world-wide. The company acquired Stratos, Ship Equip & Globe Wireless, and established the strongest direct sales channel in the maritime industry. Inmarsat launched Its KA band GX infrastructure in 2016, followed by the airtime options of Fleet Xpress, Fleet Broadband and Fleet One. Inmarsat is the most reliable provider of Satellite communication systems that covers all segments of the market, from low-data solutions to the most powerful high-bandwidth solutions.


RedPort Global is the world’s leading independent developer of satellite products and services. Their products and services include satellite VoIP Gateways, satellite data routers, satellite terminals, and OEM satellite products and services for Inmarsat, Iridium, Globalstar and others. No matter where you are in the world, or which satellite network you are using, you will have a better experience while saving airtime with RedPort products which now includes SMSGlobal’s CrewCommCenter & Se@MeNow.

GT Maritime

GT Maritime was established as Global Technology in 1998 by ex-seafarers with a vision of providing products to solve mariners’ communication problems. By concentrating on three pillars of Products, Independence and Customer Support, GT Maritime has built a vast and varied customer list of more than 3,000 vessels including container ships and tug boats, oil tankers and fishing boats, bulk carriers and supply vessels.


SeaSecure offer the CrewCommCenter system and Courier Antivirus solutions to the Maritime merchant market. Located in Norway, Greece, Italy and Hong Kong, SeaSecure services more than 700 ships.

J-Sat Mobile

J-Sat Mobile offers the Japanese market the latest Inmarsat broadband mobile satellite services, including BGAN and Fleet Broadband together with a wide range of value-added services to help customers achieve optimal communications performance and cost efficiency.

Satcom Global

Satcom Global is a leading provider of global satellite services to the maritime, land and aero markets. We provide voice and data solutions for users in remote locations outside terrestrial networks. Access to communications within these regions is not only preferable for business, but often vital to survival.

Station Satcom

Station Satcom is India’s leading Satellite communications service provider offering various remote area communications solutions for offices and operations across the world. They represent Inmarsats range of airtime and added value products, and has a growing portfolio of 1,500 vessels.
Station Satcom was founded in 1998. Providing steadfast, critical and timely services tailor made to suit numerous kinds of businesses for a decade now, Station Satcom has carved a niche for itself epitomizing reliability and responsibility.


SMTS is an established Satellite Communication Service Provider for Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT providing Equipment and Airtime Solution for the Maritime and Offshore Industry.
They offer a specialized One Stop Center for Solution and Service, backed by a team of qualified and experienced professional IT Engineers with proven capability to design, install, implement and support both standard and customized solution to meet the requirements of their clients.
SMTS PTE has offices strategically located in Singapore, Indonesia (Jakarta) and Malaysia to provide a global support service stretching from South East Asia to South Africa and the Middle East, the Far East and Australia.